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We will improve the lives of everyone in the forest sector through open information and innovation - from smallholders to shareholders.


We are working towards abundance by bringing people together with innovative approaches in forestry. From smallholders to large-scale plantations, we empower people with connections, information, and tools to succeed.

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Communicate the way you want with tools that you already use. Open Forestry's digital and human interconnects allow you to seamlessly communicate with stakeholders - every one of them.

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Greater information leads to better, faster, and more nimble decision-making. Forest practitioners need it. Resilient forests require it. If you aren't using information for predictive analytics, you're probably behind someone else.

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We're going to make sustainable forest-based livelihoods the baseline. Where information is shared, built upon, and used for the benefit of society and the environment. And where fiber, fuel, and food are abundant and equitably distributed.

We Need You

Open Forestry relies on people like you. People, connections, information and innovation are needed to create a brighter, sustainable future in forestry. You have a lot to offer this movement! And by participating in Open Forestry you too will benefit from the experience. If you are unsure, just ask and we will work with you to find a win-win place in the movement.

Be a Technical Resource

Chances are you know a lot about a particular area of forestry. Whether it is specific to a particular tree species, forestry practice, or geographic location, you can help by providing technical resources to others.

Contribute Information

Just as open efforts have led to tremendous gains in fields ranging from healthcare to software, better information sharing is needed if our goal is to prosper together.

Start a Project

If you have an idea that can add value to people and forests, then let's turn it into a targeted project! Projects are only limited by your imagination and resources to make them a reality.


Focus on What Matters

People have more ways of communicating than ever before. Thankfully face-to-face discussions are still a cornerstone of human communication. But digitally, email, text, and social media are being used in different places at different paces. Open Forestry connects various communication methods seamlessly. It allows you to communicate the way you want while having your message amplified through other networks.

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Predict, Adapt, Prosper

Making more informed decisions opens up a world of possibilities for everyone involved in sustainable forestry; from smallholders to shareholders. While we are in an era of BIG DATA, its value is useless unless we can transform it into actions that help people and the environment. The value is in what can be accomplished with the knowledge derived from big data.

Open Forestry is creating innovations that turn data into actionable information.


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