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With a global population estimated at nearly 10 Billion people by 2050, and a forest land base shrinking by 7 million hectares per year, roughly the size of Ireland, we must find new ways to protect the unique forests we have, and sustainably grow the food, fiber, and fuel that a growing society needs. In addition, we need to stop illegal logging, save endangered species, slow invasive pests, and provide livelihoods for small landowners and tree growers around the world.

Broader knowledge transfer and distributed, global innovation is needed to solve the world’s forestry related problems for the betterment of society and the environment. Today, vast forestry knowledge and data are used by a relatively small number of people who have expertise in disciplines ranging from silviculture to systems biology. Other people who could contribute to and benefit from the pool of knowledge often do not know what information exists, or where to find it. Open Forestry empowers people to protect the unique forests we have, sustainably grow the food, fiber, and fuel a growing society needs, all while providing livelihoods for small landowners and tree growers around the world.

Open Forestry is revolutionizing forestry knowledge sharing by connecting people and resources through human and digital networks in innovative ways. It is for everyone in forestry, including people who live on the land, from the land, for the land, and who seek different models and new long term solutions.


Social Movement

Empowering people to protect and sustainably use forestry resources.

  • Co-create and implement solutions rooted in experience.
  • Reaching people at every point in the forestry value chain.
  • Multiply the voice of participants.



Link people to human and digital forestry resources to.

  • Efficiently deliver forestry information to everyone, everywhere.
  • Build on experiences to advance innovation.
  • Amplify solutions to a global scale.



Secure, identify, and organize forestry information.

  • Securing at-risk forestry information to ensure its accessibility for generations to come.
  • Identify stranded information and making it available to a global audience.
  • Organizing the wealth of forestry information and mobilizing it for insight.



Whatever the connection to forestry, Open Forestry provides better ways to link forestry knowledge, resources, and people. The open movement has a strong track record of success. From open source software to the human genome project, open efforts have revolutionized entire sectors of society. Open Forestry is no exception - it will increase users reach within the forestry sector and across disciplines, introduce new tools, and accelerate sustainable forestry around the world.

Araucanía, Paysandú, Acre, Kwazulu-Natal, Savannakhet, Zhejiang. NGP has been there through its study tours, and saw how people use land, plan for their families and future generations. Global NGP study tours will provide on-the-ground opportunities for these communities to participate in the network and access the resources of the Open Forestry movement.

As described in the example scenarios linked here, users and resources are connected to one another through both human and off-the-shelf network technologies. Knowledge is curated by vetted administrators and made available at How Open Forestry works in practice is best illustrated by examples.



The effort is administered through a joint collaboration of NGP and the IFB

PlantNation, the New Generation Plantations e-community

PlantNation is the New Generations Plantations e-community, where anyone can share personal experiences inspiring and getting inspired by others voices. Working as an ecosystem of collaboration on forestry landscapes, it will inspire people's co-creation and collective action, through the Open Forestry movement.

Institute of Forest Biosciences

The IFB establishes dialogues between diverse stakeholders that addresses the sustainability of advanced forest biosciences on a global scale. The IFB is in a unique position to promote societal, environmental, and responsible actions through technology and innovation that build a better future for people and forests.