Machine Learning / Ai

August 24, 2017By Open ForestryDocuments

Open Forestry is not a search engine and has no intention of trying to replicate services like Google or Bing for example. The information pieces and tools developed for this movement are curated, tested, and specific to sustainable forestry. These digital resources will be connected with people on the ground to ensure users can benefit from … Read More

Tree Genes Initiative Report 2015

December 9, 2016By Open ForestryDocuments, Report

Forest Tree Adaptation: 8 Gaps and Initial Recommendations Summary The Tree Genes Initiative (TGI) identifies knowledge gaps and roadblocks to the transfer of stress-adapted trees to forestland owners and managers and makes recommendations to help fill and overcome them. Forest Tree Adaptation: 8 Gaps and Initial Recommendations reviews current efforts related to the deployment of … Read More

NC ADAPT Strategy Report

December 6, 2016By Open ForestryDocuments, Report

Keeping North Carolina’s Farms and Forests Vibrant and Resilient through Adaptive Management: Priorities and Recommendations for Advancing Adaptive Management Summary This resource includes adaptive management recommendations for farmers and foresters to increase their operation’s resilience and resistance to climate changes. The history of agriculture and forestry is one of constant change and continuous improvement. No … Read More