Questions and Answers

June 2, 2017By Open ForestryOpen Forestry Material

What is an open movement? Open movements incorporate models of providing goods and services which includes the possibility of the end-user’s participation in the production of these goods and services. For example, the open software movement shared source code widely to develop arguably the best pieces of software on the planet, such as the operating … Read More

Open Forestry’s SMS Connect System

June 2, 2017By Open ForestryOpen Forestry Material, Tools

This is a beta system under active development Please let us know if you find a bug or have an improvement The objective of SMS Connect is break through language and technology barriers. It is implemented to to allow people to send a text message (SMS) to a globally activated phone number (+1) 831-531-OPEN and get a response, … Read More

Developer Sticker

May 11, 2017By Open ForestryOpen Forestry Material

Open Forestry’s Developer (Dev) Stickers are a great way to show your support for this movement. It is a high quality vinyl sticker conforming to the international hexagon sticker standard. Dev stickers are available for all Open Forestry donors. Current Version: 1.0

Open Forestry In Practice

May 9, 2017By IFB USAOpen Forestry Material

Example 1: Small Tree Farmer Imagine a small tree farmer in Argentina is wondering how to plant a ¼ hectare field with trees that will provide food, fuel, and fiber to sell. Her neighbors and current contacts have ideas, but they may not be ideal or optimized for her situation. She has a very basic … Read More


May 9, 2017By IFB USAOpen Forestry Material

Information includes experts, knowledge, questions, solutions, projects, tools, etc. Anyone can participate by contributing a resource such as knowledge, using the network to access information, making contact with others, or building on what has been accomplished through Open Forestry. The concept of a dynamic give and take is key to expanding Open Forestry resources where … Read More


May 9, 2017By IFB USAOpen Forestry Material

The Open Forestry network consists of human and digital connections. These connections allow administrators to multiply the reach of every participant. This amplification leads to more efficient uses of resources. It gives participants the ability to connect with people around the world through the communication method they prefer. Rather than users having to manage a … Read More

Social Movement

May 9, 2017By IFB USAOpen Forestry Material

People living in the landscapes, the communities whose lives are most directly and deeply affected by forestry, must be meaningfully engaged. Community members help co-create and implement solutions that are rooted in lived experience and have the potential for significant uptake. NGP will ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to contribute because connecting people … Read More

Open Forestry Benefits for Users

March 15, 2017By Open ForestryOpen Forestry Material

Open Forestry benefits users by providing ways for organizations to amplify projects, reach new stakeholders efficiently, and scale-up efforts more effectively. Sharing forestry knowledge with the world openly brings tremendous value to individual participants and to the entire network. With each participant sharing resources, strengths, problems and solutions, new connections and knowledge are created that adds … Read More