The description could read "This is a video of the Center for Heirs Property Preservation's 'Commitment to Justice' evening event honoring Judge Felding, one of the CHPP's founding board members. In addition to profiling Judge Felding and his illustrious career and contribution to justice in South Carolina, the video highlights CHPP's landowners and the work CHPP has done through SFLR to support them. The success of this endeavor relies on the local influence of community groups, LRLEAN and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives. These groups' ability to build awareness and trust in the federal process has made all the difference for families and community sustainability in Alabama's Black Belt region.

The video is available here

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  • Title: Center for Heirs Property Preservation’s ‘Commitment to Justice’ honoring Judge Felding
  • Description: Center for Heirs Property Preservation's 'Commitment to Justice' honoring Judge Felding
  • Authority: Firsthand video
  • Subject: Center for Heirs' Property Preservation Video
  • Date: 2018-03-09
  • Creator: EK Collaborations
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  • Coverage: USA, Southeast
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  • Relation: Center for Heirs' Property Preservation
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