Information includes experts, knowledge, questions, solutions, projects, tools, etc. Anyone can participate by contributing a resource such as knowledge, using the network to access information, making contact with others, or building on what has been accomplished through Open Forestry. The concept of a dynamic give and take is key to expanding Open Forestry resources where participants provide information or resources, as well as gaining knowledge, contacts, or tools.

Insight from disorganized information is impossible. A lot of forestry information was not designed to be used in the highly networked world we live in today. Streaming and unstructured information adds another layer of complexity to an already disorganized system. We are organizing the wealth of information already available to create a foundation that can expand to include future ‘Big Data’.

Information made available by Open Forestry adheres to international metadata standards, principles of data integrity and security, and is available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Information secured and made available by Open Forestry is sustainably archived so that it is highly durable, can be found on the internet, available in a usable format, and referenced with persistent identifiers.