Why we need to communicate effectively. How science and scientists have an important part to play. How and why we often get it wrong. How to do well, effectively. 10 points of good communication and a discussion with "Einstein" on how to communicate effectively. Pts: 1. Political will 2. Capacity to communicate well (people) 3. Resources ($) 4. Strategy (have one) 5. Aims and objectives (specifics) 6. Solid evidence 7. Understand your stakeholders 8. Form partnerships 9. Be imaginative & creative 10. Persevere.


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  • Title: IUFRO 2017 – Einstein – Forest Information Communication Strategies
  • Description: Oral group presentation with slides & Video
  • Authority: Firsthand account
  • Subject: Communication
  • Date: 2017
  • Creator: Susan McCord
  • Contributor: Robert Burt, Kai Lintunen, Ingwald Gschwandtl, Jennifer Hayes, Yasmeen Sands, Maria de Cristofaro
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