Open Forestry is not a search engine and has no intention of trying to replicate services like Google or Bing for example. The information pieces and tools developed for this movement are curated, tested, and specific to sustainable forestry. These digital resources will be connected with people on the ground to ensure users can benefit from Open Forestry. Furthermore, the information is highly annotated and vetted to provide assurances to users, and structure the data for eventual machine learning and Ai assistance.

Machine Learning is giving machines access to data and training them to identify similar information for themselves. Machine learning uses more conventional algorithms that try to emulate how the brain works, with layers of nodes (like neurons) that work on small pieces of a problem. Together these layers can produce amazing results, but they are working on a specific, well defined problem set. Machine learning will help Open Forestry organize information for users, create rich datasets, and pull out useful information from BIG DATA.
Status: Information pieces curated by Open Forestry are being organized and tagged with metadata to enable future machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart” by taking neural networks to a new level by adding more layers that aggregate a wider set of information. This allows Ai to work on much ‘fuzzier’ problem sets and return results that are even closer to how a human would work through a problem or question. Ai has the benefit of adding nuance and creative elements. Ai will help Open Forestry work on more complex problems, and enable real-time insight for solving on the ground problems.
Status: Ai will be incorporated after machine learning is established from information and BIG DATA associated with Open Forestry.