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The TreeTaggr system

Imagine if everyone who loved trees could help gather good, reliable, forest health data. With TreeTaggr, they are able to. Smartphones have all the hardware necessary to gather pictures, location, observational details, and send it all to a central database. The TreeTaggr system was built from the ground up to not only gather and sort this data, but to foster a community of users that learn about forests while working together to create robust, actionable, forest health information.

TreeTaggr has the following capabilities

  • Automatic detection of location from the picture’s metadata
  • Ability for the user to enter information about the tree
  • Validate Tree Tag based on data quality requirements
  • Send a confirmation to the user when a valid Tree Tag is received
  • Assign the user credit, even if they didn’t set up an account with TreeTaggr
  • Automatically update a global recognition board with user’s rank and effort levels for comparison, competition, and other recognition opportunities
  • Store all the collected information in a highly scalable cloud database

Tag Using Email

How to and stuff

To allow your iPhone or iPad to save location data in photos:
  1. Open up the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Privacy > Location Services.
  3. You’ll see a list of apps. Tap on Camera and then select ‘While using app’

Tag Using Twitter

  1. Follow TreeTaggr on Twitter
  2. Flip the ‘Share precise location’ button on for every tweet
  3. Take a picture of a tree
  4. Start your Tweet with @treetaggr
  5. Include #species=
  6. See your tags online at